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The Physical Movement is a newsletter for all those involved and touched by youth sports. Athletes, coaches, educators, administrators, parents and officials. We cover leadership through play, sports, and human performance.

We have leaders in every community. Those leading others across various sports and disciplines.  Those who have invested their time and energy to introducing fun, skills, discipline, perseverance and practice. Whom have taught the values of teamwork, commitment, competition and overcoming adversity.

The Physical Movement will connect you with best practices, leaders, and share findings so we can make progress.

Examples of our work:

By focusing on the journey of total development, Erica Suter (aka Fit Soccer Queen) is impacting lots of lives with an educational and fun approach to training young athletes.

Fixing the Broken Youth Sports System. Matt Young has the Skills, Experience, Mindset, Passion, Team and Roadmap to Solve a Complex Problem.

The Hero of His Own Story, Ben Fanelli Now Strives to Inspire and Empower Others to do the Same.

A Passion for Learning Combined with Super Strong Work Ethic has Allowed Wayne Burke to Make a Massive Contribution in how Guelph and Surrounding Community Moves.

Hitting Coach Sean Plouffe: focused on finding a better way and helping young athletes improve

Meet Guy Brown. Dad, Husband, Former D1 athlete, Advocate for Concussion Awareness, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Fitness Equipment Innovator and Designer.

Get To Know Trevor Nyp. Accomplished More by 27 Years Old Than Some Have in a Lifetime by Following 1 simple rule. Make the Journey the Desired Outcome.

Interview with Lee Taft. Movement Engineer. Coach. Teacher. Speed Guy. Exercise Scientist. Business Person. Lessons from 30 Years Teaching Human Movement.

Meet Frank Fascia: 25 years of Coaching and Volunteerism. Committed to Human Development & Making Volunteerism a Positive Experience.

An Interview with Jerry Weinstein. Lessons from a fascinating 60 years in baseball.

Who Writes for The Physical Movement?

Hi, my name is Greg Lawlor. I have spent over 30 years coaching, teaching and learning in the field of sport, physical education, health, fitness and human performance.

I don’t think I am the only one who has noticed a leadership void lately?

Is there a void? Or, are we not looking in the right places for inspiration?

The Physical Movement is a forum for that inspiration and to tap into the best practices that are making an impact.

The internet is a busy place. The Physical Movement brings together information so we can build our knowledge base and be better for those we serve.

We don’t focus on tactics, we focus on leadership.

It is a huge commitment to coach and volunteer our time.

A lot of skills required.

A lot of time and sacrifice required.

Whether you are a coach, educator, parent, official or athlete there will be something here for you.

In this day and age, it is very difficult to find simple best practices that allow us to be as good as we can.

My commitment to you is to honor your time and keep the bar high in sharing information that can help you in your journey as a coach, teacher and/or parent. These are the soft skills that may fall outside our area of expertise or get forgotten, but are so important in leading a group of people.

To subscribe and read The Physical Movement means that we are striving to be our best, so we can be of service those who want to be at their best.

Play. Lead. Be. Be Your Best Self.

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