Sitemap - 2020 - The Physical Movement: Play. Lead. Be Strong.

Courage to Change Edition, Year End 2020. Covering Inspiration, Getting Better, Being the Change, Innovation. Featuring Athlete Walk-ons & Successful Coaching Journeys.

Being our Best Selves: The Physical Movement 2020 Health Edition.

Leaders Are Made Not Born

Positive Role Modelling From Coaches & Parents. It's Never Been More Important Than Right Now.

Summer of 1994, a 1987 Toyota Tercel & Typecasting in Youth Sports. How a Summer Basketball Camp in Maine Changed a Coaching Perspective.

The Silver Lining to the Pandemic: Priority Shift & The Oddball Father/Son Workout Duo.

Understanding Gen Z Athletes. Considerations That Will Make Us Better Coaches.

The Revolutionary New Tool That Will Change The Way We Coach.

Performing Under Pressure. 6 Ways We Can Help Our Young Athletes Perform at Their Best When it Matters Most.

Dealing With Disappointment Is One Of The Most Valuable Life Skills To Be Developed Through Sports. So Why Are We Trying To Avoid it?

Referees and Umpires: They are Essential but Becoming Extinct.

If Practices Are So Important, Then Why Is There is So Much Standing Around?

Coaches ! You Are Needed. The Time is Now to Prioritize Your Health and Self-Care.

The Athlete’s Secret Weapon: The Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Sugary Sports Drinks are Taking Over Our Playing Fields, Why This is a Concern and What Can We Do About It.

15 Ways Athletes, Parents, Coaches and Organizations Can Navigate the Tryout Process for The Best Possible Outcome.

How a Parent Coach Can Be a Great Coach, For Everyone Including Your Kid.

The Gym Teacher Picket Line Protest of 1994 and the Subsequent Decline of Our Collective Physical and Mental Health.

Part of Development in Youth Sports is Learning to Cooperate with Those of Different Backgrounds.

Workout examples for Coaches, Parents, Teachers and Officials.

Lead By Example Examples.

How to Proceed with Caution with our Young Student Athletes Mental Health During this Unprecedented Time.

The Best Teacher and Coach I Ever Had Stood Out From the Rest With This 1 skill.

The Fit Soccer Queen and How Exercise Can Make Us Better Leaders.

By focusing on the journey of total development, Erica Suter (aka Fit Soccer Queen) is impacting lots of lives with an educational and fun approach to training young athletes.

Science Tells Us Exercise Can Make Us Better Leaders

Fixing the Broken Youth Sports System. Matt Young has the Skills, Experience, Mindset, Passion, Team and Roadmap to Solve a Complex Problem.

The Common Thread Between a Former Pro Ball Player, a Brain Scientist and The Most Successful Coach of the Last 30 years.

Why Winning Does Not Always Equal Success.

The Brain Changing Effects of Exercise & What That Means for Coaches & Teachers

The Hero of His Own Story, Ben Fanelli Now Strives to Inspire and Empower Others to do the Same.

Leadership Surrounds Us, Especially in Our Youth Sports Organizations. Parents: Here are 8 Ways You Can Support Your Local Youth Sports Organization.

A Passion for Learning Combined with Super Strong Work Ethic has Allowed Wayne Burke to Make a Massive Contribution in how Guelph and Surrounding Community Moves.

Meet Sean Plouffe: Hitting Coach Focused on Searching for a Better Way & Helping Young Athletes Improve.

The Importance of Calming Our Athletes Minds and 5 Quick Tips to Make it Happen.

Why I Needed To Use a John Lennon Lyric Instead of the One I Used.

A Father’s Day Gift: Meet Guy Brown. Dad, Husband, Former D1 athlete, Advocate for Concussion Awareness, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Fitness Equipment Innovator and Designer.

Attention to Detail: What Most Don’t See is Why Only a Few are Top Performers.

Do No Harm: A Leadership Philosophy or Forgotten Principle?

Get To Know Trevor Nyp. Accomplished More by 27 Years Old Than Some Have in a Lifetime by Following 1 simple rule. Make the Journey the Desired Outcome.

The Physical Movement: Leadership. Remaining Calm Under Pressure.

Interview with Lee Taft. Movement Engineer. Coach. Teacher. Speed Guy. Exercise Scientist. Business Person. Lessons from 30 Years Teaching Human Movement.

The Physical Movement: Leadership. The Universe Is Trying To Tell Us Something.

The Physical Movement: Your Best Self. The Man Who Has Preached Hustle and Grind is Now Talking Balance and Happiness.

Meet Frank Fascia: 25 years of Coaching and Volunteerism. Committed to Human Development & Making Volunteerism a Positive Experience.

The Physical Movement: Your Best Self. Simple Strength Series. Keeping Your Legs Strong.

An Interview with Jerry Weinstein. Lessons from a fascinating 60 years in baseball.

The Physical Movement, Leadership: 10 Lessons from The Last Dance.

The Physical Movement, Leadership: The Importance of Winning at All Costs in Youth Sports and Its Impact on Participation.

The Physical Movement, Your Best Self: Simply Strength Series - 10 ways to build your strength with push ups regardless of fitness level and age.

The Physical Movement, Business: Why Fitness Marketing is Changing During COVID-19 and 11 Steps to Improve It.

The Physical Movement, Leadership: There Has Never Been a More Important Time to Get & Keep Kids Moving.

The Physical Movement, Your Best Self: Time For A Refresh On Building Our Immune System

The Physical Movement: Research & Reads, May 9, 2020

The Physical Movement, Your Best Self: The 3 Major Adjustments in My Core Training and Prescription in the Last 20 years

The Physical Movement, Business: COVID -19 stands to disrupt fitness supply chains, 6 ways this will affect the industry.

The Physical Movement, Business: 9 Adaptations Those Offering Fitness Need to Make Post COVID-19

The Physical Movement, Your Best Self: The Reasons Why and How Walking Maybe a Lifesaver.

The Physical Movement, Research: What The Research Says About Sleep & Athletic Recovery

The Physical Movement, Lifestyle: There is No Room for Complacency Around COVID-19.

The Physical Movement, Business: The Fitness Industry Is Living a Paradox During Coronavirus

The Physical Movement, Lifestyle: Has Your Exercise Training Changed Since You Turned 40?

The Physical Movement, Lifestyle: What Does The Research Say On Interval Training?

The Physical Movement, Lifestyle: 45 Thoughts On The Coronavirus

The Physical Movement: Business. 25 Lessons From 25 Years in Sales

The Physical Movement, Lifestyle: 5 Lessons From Over 20 Years of Working From Home.

The Physical Movement, Lifestyle: Everyone Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Mouth!

The Physical Movement, Business: Supply, Demand, Exercise Equipment, Coronavirus & The Modern Exerciser

The Physical Movement, Lifestyle: 4 Options for Our Health & Fitness

The Physical Movement, Lifestyle: The Problem With Exercise On The Internet!

The Physical Movement, Lifestyle: 9 Secrets To Being Fit Over 50!

The Physical Movement, Lifestyle: Mobility: The Unknown Component to Getting Stronger

The Physical Movement, Lifestyle: Getting Stronger Is A Skill Worth Pursuing

The Physical Movement, Business: The Downside of Teaching Sales Employees What It Takes

The Physical Movement, Lifestyle: Why It Matters Where You Work Out!

The Physical Movement, Lifestyle: 7 Simple Steps to Keep Progressing with Your Exercise program.

The Physical Movement, Lifestyle: Our Brain Is Conditioned To Take The Easy Route!

The Physical Movement, Lifestyle: Fitness and Health For The Long Haul: The Key to Consistent Workouts.